Corporate identity updates for 2016

Lewis Wake
Thursday 1 September 2016

Our corporate identity guidelines have been updated.

Webpage updates

The webpages detailing our corporate identity, and our house style, have been moved to a more prominent position on the website. They can now be found within digital standards.

They have also been fitted with the new University of St Andrews web design and are now mobile friendly.

Links to our corporate identity and house style can be found from the ‘website help‘ and ‘print and design‘ webpages. These links have been provided to assist staff and students in locating the corporate identity pages more easily.

Email signatures

The University email signature has been simplified from the previous iteration. The only graphics that are essential now are the University logo, and Facebook and Twitter icons.


A zip file containing these assets can be downloaded from the corporate identity page.

PowerPoint template

The updated PowerPoint template is now more versatile and requires little initial customisation. The slide’s size is now widescreen at a 16:9 ratio. This will prevent unwanted black borders and stretching when presenting.

Updated PowerPoint template for 2016
Updated PowerPoint template for 2016

The updated PowerPoint template can also be downloaded from the corporate identity page.

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