Digital pattern library – navbox and tile grid

Stephen Evans
Thursday 23 March 2017

This sprint we have added one new pattern and updated the documentation and examples for a number of others. The following is a summary of notable updates.

Tile grid

The tile grid is used to show a collection of news and/or events. We have improved the documentation for how this pattern is to be used. For example the tile grid must not have more than six tiles in one grid.

Tile grid example

Navbox grid

We have created a large number of examples to demonstrate the flexibility of the navbox grid in combination the navbox pattern. This allows a lot of different possibilities for the way links to internal pages can be displayed.

Navbox grid example

Featured news – new pattern

The featured news pattern is used to promote a particular item such as a blog post, news article or story at the top of the page.

Featured news example


Following feedback from developers we have added documentation explaining how features can be added or removed to DataTables. For example, give the option to control how many rows in the table are displayed.

DataTables example

Form elements – word count

Textarea now has the option to limit the number of characters entered.

Textarea example

Icon buttons

We now have the option within the buttons pattern to clearly indicate to users what type of resource can be downloaded. This means we can now make a feature of important downloads such as the prospectus.
Example buttons

Coming soon

By the end of March we will have completed the first phase of development of the digital pattern library with the release of v1.0.0. This will be the first stable release of the digital pattern library, which means it can be used more widely. After this, we will continue to support and develop the pattern library in response to the needs of our users.

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