Digital pattern library – version 1.0.0

Lewis Wake
Monday 3 April 2017

We have launched version 1.0.0 of the digital pattern library. This is the first fully stable release of the DPL.

We have added one new pattern and updated the documentation and examples for a number of others. The following post is a summary of notable updates. Please see our DPL changelog for a full list of updates.


We use two typefaces across the university website. PT Sans and PT Serif. Both are freely available from Google Fonts. This pattern page documents all variations of the typefaces across the University website.

Font Awesome integrated into DPL core

We have deprecated the glyphicons pattern so that the DPL uses a single iconography language for all UI elements. All previous use of glyphicons have been replaced with their font awesome alternative.

If you would like to use an icon that is not on the approved list on the font awesome pattern page, please contact the digital communications team.

Using the pattern library

We have updated the documentation on using the DPL. This page documents how to link to core files, including all the CSS and JavaScript needed to support the DPL, and how to implement the DPL into content management systems and other third party applications.

Intro pattern

The intro pattern, which is currently only used on the Study at St Andrews homepage, now has updated documentation for rules of appropriate usage.

Future updates

We have achieved a fully stable release of the digital pattern library which we are very proud of. We will continue to support and develop the pattern library in response to the requirements of the user.

The digital communications team actively and enthusiastically works with colleagues across the University. If you would like to use the digital pattern library for your own web project, please contact the digital communications team by email via [email protected].

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