Digital pattern library – version 1.12.0

Lewis Wake
Wednesday 20 June 2018

We have launched version 1.12.0 of the digital pattern library. This release of the DPL features changes and new options for patterns that will be used on the redesigned research and news sections of the University website. We have also updated the documentation for a number of other patterns.

The following post is to provide additional context to notable updates in version 1.12.0 of the digital pattern library. Please see our DPL changelog for a full list of updates.

Link lists in panels

We have determined a new use for our panels pattern. For the research homepage, there was a requirement to link users to a lot of pages. More links than our navbox grid pattern was capable of. Our solution was to categorise these links into three lists and incorporate them into the panels. The heading of the panel links to the main categories landing page where a navbox grid exists to link to these other pages. This is a solution that we may incorporate into other main landing pages in future.

Updated styling of secondary call to action banners

Similar to the hero banner styling changes in v1.11.0, our secondary call-to-action banners have been long overdue a refresh. In prior versions, the styling of these banners was quite claustrophibic, the colours were bland, and the text was not weighted properly. Not exactly  attention grabbing at all. This has now been updated to coincide with the updates made to the hero banner. The header text is now more striking and transparent colour overlays have been applied so that the text is legible.

The pattern is now also capable of featuring up to three call-to-action button links. The older blurred image background styles have been deprecated and will be removed in a future update of the DPL.

New options for featured media banners

We have also updated the styling for the featured media banners. Previous versions of this pattern required a blurred background image, and just like the secondary call-to-action banners this pattern has been updated with transparent colour overlays. Header text sizes have also been increased to be more attention grabbing.

The older blurred image background styles have been deprecated and will be removed in a future update of the DPL.

Box shadows

A subtle, but worthwhile update is the styling to patterns that have box shadows applied to them. The box shadow styling applied in previous versions of the DPL was a large fuzzy blob of shadow. We have now tightened these shadows so they look more contemporary. The following links will allow for comparison between the latest and previous versions of patterns adopting the box shadow styling.

Tile grid

Contact card


Other notable updates

Two new options have been added to the gallery pattern. These options are designed to showcase stock imagery and video content on the updated news website.

Future updates

The digital communications team will continue to support and develop the digital pattern library in response to the requirements of the user.

We actively and enthusiastically work with colleagues across the University. If you would like to use the digital pattern library for your own web project, or you require consultation, please contact the digital communications team by email via [email protected].

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