Featured events criteria

Jennifer Hamrick
Wednesday 7 November 2018

The new events website allows us to highlight five events. On the events homepage, there is a large hero banner to showcase one event, and in the ‘Featured events’ section there are smaller boxes to showcase four events. This post sets out the criteria for these featured events and explains how staff and students can request their event to be featured.

Featured events

The events homepage includes a ‘Featured events’ section beneath the search field which includes four event boxes. These boxes each feature one event and include the title of the event, the time and location, and an image.

Screenshot of the featured events section on the event homepage which includes four featured boxes.
Featured events section on the event homepage

In order for an event to be included in the featured events section, it needs to meet the following criteria:

  • The event is taking place at least two weeks in the future and no more than one month (from when the event is first set as featured). This is to maximise the coverage the event will receive and reduce the amount of overhead maintenance for updating featured events.
  • The event has a wide audience and is not limited to a specific group (for example, an event for ‘Art History’ students only would not be a suitable featured event).
  • Typically, the event should fall under one of the following categories:
    • Lecture, seminar or academic talk
    • Community-wide event
    • Cultural event (for example, a musical concert or a theatre production)
    • Timely event (for example, an event related to an upcoming holiday or University event, such as graduation).
  • The event must include an image at 750px by 500px resolution.

Both free and paid events are able to be featured.

In order to request your event to be featured, you should include a note in the private message section of the submit an event form. The central events administration team will check to make sure the event meets the featured event criteria and that it will not be replacing an event which has higher strategic importance. They will then let you know if your event can be featured or not.

Hero banner event

The hero banner event showcases one upcoming event at the top of the events homepage. It includes the title of the event, a brief blurb about the event, a large background image and a call to action to view more information.

Screenshot of the hero banner event, includes a large background image
Hero banner event on the events homepage

The hero banner event is directed by the news team and is reviewed on a regular basis. If staff or students would like their event to be featured as the hero banner event, they should get in touch with the news team.

University homepage

The University homepage features two events in a ‘Featured events’ section (similar to how they appear on the events homepage). At the moment, these events are manually set by the digital communications team and directed in part by the news team.

Screenshot of featured events boxes on the University homepage
Featured events on the University homepage

Typically, one of these two featured events is reserved for the event featured on the hero banner of the events homepage.

If you have any thoughts, questions or feedback related to the new events system or featured events, please email [email protected].

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