Careers website relaunch

Jennifer Hamrick
Thursday 26 August 2021

On Thursday 26 August 2021, we helped the Careers Centre relaunch the University’s careers website.

See the new site at

Laptop computer with new Careers homepage displayed on it

The new website uses feedback from students, alumni, staff and employers to make navigation easier and content more relevant.

New features include:

  • Access listings for part-time and graduate jobs and internships from a single click on the homepage.
  • Find resources and use the new career timelines to help you on your career journey, whether you are just starting to explore your options or ready to take steps towards applying.
  • Prepare for and book appointments with careers advisers.
  • Keep up to date with the Careers Centre’s events by visiting the events feed. There will also be a new blog launching soon.

There are also new hubs for employers and alumni to explore the services the Careers Centre offers.

Other benefits

  • We reduced the number of web pages from 268 on the old site down to 88 on the new site. This will make finding relevant content easier and improve SEO.
  • The new site is hosted in T4v8 and uses accessible and mobile-friendly design patterns from our digital pattern library.
  • Jobs listings and events are now fed automatically from CareerConnect, which means less duplication across web pages. This will save the Careers Centre team time creating the same content in multiple locations and avoid any inconsistencies.

Give feedback for a chance to win a £25 Amazon gift voucher.

If you have any feedback about the new website, the Careers Centre would love to hear your thoughts. Students and staff have the chance to win a £25 Amazon gift voucher by filling out our feedback form before 24 September 2021. 

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