Biology and Medicine multisite migration

Tommy Oldfield
Tuesday 20 September 2022

Over the past year we have been responsible for migrating the Synergy and Medicine WordPress multisites (hosted by Biology and Medicine respectively) over to our WordPress host, WPEngine.

In total we have migrated 82 sites (47 from the Synergy server and 35 from the old Medicine server)!

For the Synergy migration, it was decided that while most of the sites would be migrated to the main WordPress multisite installation, a handful of sites would be migrated to a new Biology multisite under the biology subdomain. All the sites that were migrated over from the old Synergy server are now using an accessible theme. The new Medicine multisite has a slightly different subdomain (medicine rather than med) but aside from that, all websites that were migrated over are identical in their styling and layout.


Some benefits to the migration have been:

  • Many of the migrated sites are now using an accessible theme.
  • Administrators can now use Single Sign On (SSO) to log into the backend of their websites.
  • WPEngine’s secure platform allows for daily backups, plugin vulnerability notifications, and automatic updates for WordPress, including themes and plugins.
  • Reduces the overhead for Biology and Medicine by retiring two web servers.

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