Search autocomplete

Nick Mullen
Wednesday 8 March 2023

We have recently upgraded our search autocomplete functionality within the main site header. This update is designed to give users the best experience possible, reducing the amount of typing required and providing search results in fewer steps.

In addition, we have integrated voice-enabled search into the search field. By clicking on the microphone icon, users can now use their device’s microphone to search, without the need for typing. This is perfect for those who prefer to speak their queries to their device rather than type them out.

The search autocomplete is actually a combination of two searches. The first is a Funnelback search that generates suggested search terms based on the text that has been entered. If a user selects one of the suggested terms, a full search is triggered. The second is a search of our main collection, which is made up of most of our online content. If a user selects a result from this collection, they are taken directly to the web page, without the need for a search results page.

This is just the first in a series of updates to the search autocomplete. In future releases, we plan to expand the range of data that is searched and add additional functionalities.

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