Digital Communications team update – May 2023

Elizabeth Andrews
Wednesday 31 May 2023

Latest updates from the Digital Communications team at the University of St Andrews for May 2023.

Working towards a content strategy

We have been reviewing workflows, ecosystem mapping, and timelines so we can evaluate the complexity of online content and how it is managed. We are continuing with the Pickle Jar Communications workshops and will have completed the third session by the end of May. The fourth and final session is scheduled for the end of June.

New from the blog

New digital data analyst and web content editor – meet Daniela De Leon, the newest member of the team.

Contacting Digital Communications

If you want to discuss edits to a webpage or if you just need a small change, please contact us by emailing [email protected] instead of emailing Digital Communications directly. This means that we can properly prioritise your request. Any work the team does for you needs to be recorded and tracked using the UniDesk system (the system that receives emails sent to the IT Service Desk address). Take a look at the page on website help to see how long action typically takes and the priority levels that are applied.

Articles and resources

None of the content in this issue was written with ChatGPT or other Artificial Intelligence assistance.

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