Digital Communications team update – July 2023

Elizabeth Andrews
Friday 28 July 2023

Latest updates from the Digital Communications team at the University of St Andrews for July 2023.

WordPress accessibility audit

We are currently auditing sites in our WordPress installation for accessibility issues. We may be in touch with site administrators to give feedback and provide resources on accessibility best practice.

Working with Finance

After holding further workshops with Finance staff, we are reviewing web content about VAT for the Finance Improvement Project. Using analytics and discussing tasks performed by University staff, we have created a list of priority information to build new web content around.

Hello and goodbye

We welcome a new Web Content Editor to Digital Communications: Lauren Sykes joined us this month. You can read more about Lauren, who previously worked in Corporate Communications, in her first post for the Digital Communications team blog.

While we welcome Lauren, we bid a fond farewell to Joshua Crofts, who join the team in January this year. Josh has now re-joined the University Careers centre. We wish him all the best.

New from the blog

Articles and resources

None of the content in this issue was written with ChatGPT or other Artificial Intelligence assistance.

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