Stats from around the world: global page load times

Daniela de Leon
Tuesday 17 October 2023

A recent look into the University’s website statistics has revealed intriguing insights into page load times, the amount of time it takes for a page’s content to appear, across various countries. On average, our website recorded a load time of 2.46 seconds globally. However, certain regions exhibited longer wait times, presenting opportunities for optimisation.

St Helena, albeit with a modest 22 page views in the past year, experienced the lengthiest average page load time at 27.14 seconds. When considering countries with higher user activity, Ecuador stands out with a significant 52,505 page views. Despite the high user engagement, the average page load time for Ecuador was 10.55 seconds.

Other countries with notable disparities in user activity and load times included Ethiopia with 16,263 page views and an average load time of 23.7 seconds, Zimbabwe with 15,881 page views at 13.48 seconds, and Uganda registering 11,994 page views with an average wait of 32.18 seconds.

A heat map showing which countries have the longest average page load times.
The regions with the longest average page load times

A deep dive into specific content preferences highlighted distinct interests from different regions. Ecuador’s keen interest in the University’s Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) offerings stood out, with the top three most-accessed pages being TESOL content.

Meanwhile, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe both showed a significant inclination towards international education content. Additionally, Zimbabwe and Uganda demonstrated a pronounced interest in pages detailing studies at the University.

Such trends in content preference underline the global appeal of our international educational offerings and underscore the importance of ensuring our content is optimised to meet regional needs.

To enhance the user experience further, there should be a consideration for reducing load times, especially for countries experiencing longer waits. Alongside performance improvements, the goal remains to uphold content accessibility, ensuring a seamless online experience for our diverse global audience.

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