This week I are been mostly…

Gareth Saunders
Thursday 28 July 2011


Above: Our current list of outstanding support calls.

In the style of The Fast Show: this week I are been mostly… answering support calls.

Many people suspect that the Web team summers are quiet affairs, with plenty of peace and quiet to get on with projects. Sadly that’s not the case, and particular while we’re playing ‘holiday tennis’ with one another. (By the time I return from holiday on Monday 15 August I will not have seen my colleague, Steve Evans, for 6 weeks.)

So, for the last two weeks, while I’ve been desperate to get on with various projects (redesign of the Sport and Athletic Union pages, for example) all I’ve done is answer support calls as the Web team strength has fluctuated around the 40-60% mark.

It’s been both a very satisfying and a mildly frustrating way to work. But that’s just the way it is just now, so no point in complaining.

(I did manage to get the Course Catalogue pages moved, though.)

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