The importance of content

Duncan Stephen
Tuesday 8 October 2013

Three interesting articles about content that I have come across recently.

The importance of copywriting for UX

Interesting examples of poor copywriting, and why it is important to write in plain language.

Respect your audience with readable content

More on the importance of getting content right, and why it is so important to user-centred design.

Recently, I was reviewing a website and came across a page geared toward international students. Reading the copy, I realized English would not be the first language for the target audience. Immediately, I felt my brain shift into a different gear.

Beyond assessing the value of the content, I began closely scrutinizing diction and syntax. How many syllables in this word? How many clauses in this sentence? Would the density and complexity of this copy impede someone for whom English is a second language from understanding its meaning?

These concerns are not unique to content focused on an international student audience. What if your institution has programs catering to immigrant populations or struggling high school students? Or what if someone with a reading disability visits your website? A more familiar scenario might be translating the hard science behind a professor’s accomplishment into layperson’s terms for a news story or externally-facing program page.

Online copywriting that converts – 5 lessons from 250 A/B tests

Interesting insights on how A/B testing can be used to improve content.

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