Writing great microcopy

Duncan Stephen
Thursday 29 May 2014

From Google Ventures: 5 rules for writing great interface copy

We have been talking recently about content design, the idea that content is not merely written; it needs to be crafted.

(The Government Digital Service says, “You can add up, but it doesn’t mean you’re an accountant. You can write, but it doesn’t mean you’re a content designer.”)

Here, John Zeratsky from Google Ventures outlines the importance of content and why it is integral to a design.

How do interface copywriting and design fit together? I’ve learned that writing is a core part of the design process–as essential as interaction design, visual design, prototyping, and user research.

Writing, like the other core design skills, is not a step in a waterfall process. It doesn’t belong at the beginning, middle, or end, because it’s something we need to do throughout the design process.

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