A useful social media response flow chart for businesses

Lewis Wake
Monday 2 November 2015

Corporate responses on social media is a topic I’ve seen reemerging recently. The people who maintain the flood gates of a corporation’s social media account are some of the most patient people in the digital world. If an individual is leaving a comment or directly attempting to communicate on social media with a company, it is likely to be some form of complaint. The employees working behind these accounts are expected to have a quick response rate and be able to deal with the query efficiently and meet the users’ satisfaction. It is the customer service desk of the digital age.

While some companies have the occasional social media fail, it is important for the owners of these accounts to know how to effectively respond to a “customer’s” query. Some companies make the huge mistake of either ignoring a user’s tweet, or worse, deleting their comments from their threads entirely. While there are some circumstances where this is the appropriate action, it is important to plan your response accordingly. This flow chart from Bplans helps formulate an appropriate response toward user comments. Although labeled for small businesses, I think this flow chart can definitely be useful for businesses of all sizes.

Remember, what goes online stays online.

social media response flow chart for small businesses

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