University video standards

Lewis Wake
Monday 12 September 2016

We have improved our documentation for video standards.

This information is for production companies and University staff who are planning on producing videos to be hosted on the University website and other official channels or on third party sites.

In summary, here are the important updates to take note of:

University branding

University logos are available to staff and students from the corporate identity page within digital standards.

An introduction ident template is now available to download from the video standards page. This template is currently only compatible with the latest version of Adobe Premiere Pro.

Introduction idents are not mandatory for all video productions. They are intended to be used for publicly available educational videos, lectures, or tutorials. For further advice on the use of these templates, please contact [email protected].

Outro idents are also available to download from the video standards page. These video clips are at 1080p and must be included at the end of every video production created by the University.

Further rules on the usage of these idents are documented on the video standards page.

Information on the correct usage of corporate fonts and colours is also documented in our updated video standards.

Music copyright

We recommend the use of copyright-free music when creating videos. Google’s YouTube Audio Library has a wide selection of free-to-use tracks available for video projects. Please note, you will need to log in with a Google account to access this.

For full information on visual identity, technical specifications, and permissions, please see our video standards page. If you require any further information or advice, please contact [email protected].


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