Saying goodbye to our intern, Nick

John Chapman
Wednesday 23 May 2018

Last week the digital communications team took advantage of the spring weather to get outside and enjoy a lunchtime picnic in St Mary’s Quad. The picnic was held to say thank you to our student intern Nick Simon, who has come to the end of his internship with the team.

Nick first joined the team in July 2017, when he spent four weeks helping on the redevelopment of the study abroad website and working to plan content for our social media channels. After leaving such a good impression with the team, Nick returned at the start of Semester 1 to intern one day a week and has been with us for the past nine months.

Nick has been a great asset to the team, bringing with him a wealth of ideas and student knowledge. It has been beneficial having a current student as part of the team when it comes to recruiting students to get involved with different filming and social media projects. A major project which Nick has been involved in has been the creation of a social media image bank for the team to use. Nick is a skilled photographer, and if you follow our social media channels, you will have no doubt come across one of Nick’s photographs.

Over the past year, the University’s social media’s presence has significantly increased, especially on Instagram, and as such we now require a range of images to include with our posts. Certain restraints can mean that we do not always have the time to go and take a new image, and where possible we try to avoid stock photography.

As well as Nick contributing his photos, he also recruited a team of photographers who regularly send in photos to use. The digital street team are a group of St Andrews students with a passion for photography who have been coordinated by Nick to go out and take images in and around St Andrews. Nick has also spent many hours sorting out the images into categories and uploading them to a Google Drive folder which digital communications and the news team have access to. The Google Drive folder also connects directly to our Hootsuite account, which means that we can compose and post and upload a suitable image with ease.

Image bank sorted into different categories
Nick has sorted all the photos into categories making the image bank easy to use.
Images of University buildings available in the image bank
Here are some of the images we can now use.

The creation of our image bank has been much appreciated and is something that will continue to be updated and used in the future. Although no longer our intern, Nick will still be around St Andrews as he completes the final year of his undergraduate degree. We are sure that he will continue to pop into the office to share his thoughts and hopefully more of his St Andrews photos.

Thanks for all your work Nick!

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