Revised T4v8 training

Jennifer Hamrick
Thursday 30 May 2019

As more staff members are gaining access to T4v8, I have noticed that undertaking training in T4v8 does not necessarily always equate to understanding or comprehending the training. Therefore, I have introduced a new assessment element to the T4v8 training to make sure staff have gained the required knowledge and skills to successfully be a moderator in T4v8.

From this point on, staff will have to complete an online Moodle quiz with an 80% pass rate to gain access to T4v8. Staff will be able to attempt the quiz two times; if they fail both times, they will need to discuss with me whether access to TerminalFour is suitable for them at this time.

New T4v8 request for access process

  1. Request access to T4v8 by emailing
  2. Our support team will send you a T4 training request form to complete. The team will then assess whether your needs qualify for T4 training and access.
  3. If you do qualify for training, you should first sign up for ‘Writing for the web’. These courses are offered at least once a month, and you can book your place via PDMS.
  4. After you have attended ‘Writing for the web’, I will send you the T4v8 moderator training pack. You must read through the pack thoroughly and complete all the exercises correctly. Contact me once you have finished the exercises; I will check over your work and ask you to redo any incorrect work.
  5. After you have completed the exercises from the pack, I will send you a link to the online Moodle quiz to complete. You will be able to attempt the quiz two times.
  6. If you pass the quiz, I will arrange a 30-minute in-person training session to go over your section of the website specifically. If you fail the quiz, access to T4v8 will not be granted, and we will need to discuss your options.
  7. After the in-person training session, you will be given moderator access to your website section in T4v8.

The new assessment component will not be required for staff who already have access to T4v8; it will only be required for staff requesting access from this point on.

How is the training different than before?

Staff previously had to complete the ‘T4v8: the basics’ pack before undertaking a longer two-hour in-person session. Now, the pack covers much more detail, allowing the in-person session to be shorter (only 30 minutes). This also allows staff to read through and complete the exercises at their own pace and at a time convenient for them.

Previously, I provided bespoke in-person training sessions for staff who struggled to complete the pack exercises by themselves. This will no longer be offered except in exceptional circumstances.

Before, there was no assessment element. Now, there is an online test to assess whether staff have understood the content from the training pack and the writing for the web course.

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