Advanced writing for the web- new digital visa course

Jennifer Hamrick
Monday 27 January 2020

We have launched a new course as part of our digital visa training programme: Advanced writing for the web.

This new session is a follow-on course from ‘Writing for the web’ and builds on the techniques covered from that course. It also introduces new ideas on how to create and edit content to meet users’ needs.

The aim of the session is to allow participants to create effective web content geared for their audience.

By the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  • use the concept of ‘runners, repeaters and strangers’ to focus their web page content on the most important user tasks
  • create an outline for a new web page
  • ensure readers can easily read and understand their content
  • identify and avoid ineffective types of web content
  • create an editing and review process to ensure quality upkeep.

Practical exercises form a key part of learning for this course. Some examples of exercises participants will work on during the session include:

  • prioritising user stories for a pre-prepared web page
  • designing an outline for a web page step by step
  • reworking sentences in different ways to make them easier to understand
  • discussing in groups the effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of certain types of content.

The course is open to all staff at the University, and you can sign up through the PDMS system. ‘Advanced writing for the web’ is set to run three to four times a year.

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