Digital Communications team update – September 2020

Jennifer Hamrick
Monday 7 September 2020

Latest updates from the digital communications team and useful articles and resources relating to digital best practice for September 2020.

Dual delivery

The digital communications team is continuing to support the following dual delivery workstreams:

1 – Education readiness

The redesigned module catalogue is now live and includes the following features:

    • a more sophisticated search algorithm to return more accurate results
    • the ability to refine results by applying different filters such as year, semester and credits
    • an auto-complete function that helps users by suggesting spellings and possible module codes or titles whilst the user types
    • a compare feature that helps students plan timetables, enabling them to compare module details
    • new mobile-friendly layout and design.

3 – Digital environment

We are still working to help ITS create a mobile app for students. The app will allow students to view personalised information such as their timetable and library record.

9 – Student experience

We created and launched a social media survey aimed at incoming and current undergraduate students. The information collected will allow us to plan future social media content.

WordPress accessibility

The WordPress multisite ( currently hosts about 200 websites, some of which have designs that do not comply with accessibility legislation that takes effect from 23 September 2020. We are in the process of contacting all site owners to help them to switch their designs to one that is accessible. We are also updating the events site and the news site to use the accessible University WordPress theme.

Recent blog posts

Articles and resources

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