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Lewis Wake
Monday 14 December 2020

If you’re looking to communicate your ideas online, whether through a website, blog, or social media, the digital communications team can help.

We’re a branch of corporate communications and our responsibilities include maintaining the University website, providing consultancy and support for anyone looking to develop new web pages, collecting data about our online users, and providing strategy to ensure best practice across all digital platforms.

We specialise in disseminating and communicating information effectively through digital platforms.

Did you know the University has guidelines and policies for how information should be presented online?

We call these our digital standards, and these include things like house style, email signatures, brand, and image sizes.

The digital standards web pages are your one stop shop for making sure anything you put online meets best practice and is consistent with University brand.

We also run a series of training courses in digital communications topics, from writing for the web, to building a social media strategy.

If you need to get in touch with us, whether to let us know there is a typo on the website, or to ask for our help building a new page, you should send an email to itservicedesk@st-andrews.ac.uk.

We regularly publish updates, resources, and guides on our blog. Here you can find out more about the team including our contact details.

If you want updates brought directly to you, you can sign up for our monthly digital newsletter.

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