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Lauren Sykes

New Web Content Editor

Hello readers! I’m Lauren and I just joined the Digital Communications team as a Web Content Editor.

Michael Berry

New web developer

Hi! I’m Mike, and I recently joined the Digital Communications team as a web developer.

Dinorah Imrie

New web content editor

Hi! I’m Dinorah, and I have recently joined the Digital Communications team as a Web Content Editor after working at the University’s International Education Institute as a Digital Media and IT Specialist.

Joshua Crofts

New web content editor and trainer

Hi! My name’s Josh, and I joined the Digital Communications team on Monday 16 January 2023 as a web content editor and trainer.

Elizabeth Andrews

New senior web content editor

I have just begun working with the Digital Communications team (on Monday 16 January 2023) as the new Senior Web Content Editor. It is an exciting time to be part of the team.

woman covering face with clock

5% time

For a number of years, the digital communications team has reserved an afternoon per two-week sprint. The idea for this stemmed from Google’s 20% policy where Google reportedly allowed employees to spend 20% of their…

About Digital Communications video

If you’re looking to communicate your ideas online, whether through a website, blog, or social media, the digital communications team can help.

Tommy Oldfield

New team member

Hi, my name is Tommy and on 6 January, I became the latest member to join the digital communications team. In my role as a web developer, I will be responsible for maintaining and updating the University’s web projects…