Google drops keyword data, and designing effective carousels

Duncan Stephen
Tuesday 24 September 2013

Goodbye, keyword data: Google moves entirely to secure search

Google will no longer be sharing details of what users are searching for to visit a website. This is a blow from the point of view of analytics. Google has been hiding this data for some users for some time. It first, it only hid data for users in the US who were logged into Google. But over time, that the data has been hidden for more and more people.

Up until recently, 25% of visitors’ keywords were not provided by Google. It looks like this will now expand to cover all Google users.

Designing effective carousels

I have covered carousels in this blog before (brief recap: they are generally not a good idea). This article looks at the pros and cons of using carousels, and how you should design carousels if you decide you really must have them.


On the topic of carousels, a bit of light relief from XKCD.

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