Social media training under maintenance

Jennifer Hamrick
Wednesday 14 February 2018

Based on helpful feedback we have received from the Social media: the basics course (one of the compulsory courses we offer on the digital visa programme), we have decided to redevelop the training to provide three different levels of social media training:

An introduction to social media for beginners (optional)

This course provides a useful starting place for current members of staff who have little or no previous knowledge of social media.

The course will cover:

  • what social media is and how it is used
  • the main social media channels available: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn and YouTube
  • how to create an account
  • branding guidelines and social media best practice.

Developing a social media strategy (compulsory)

This course will replace the Social media: the basics course.

This course is for those who are confident in understanding the basics of social media and want to develop their skills by optimising how they use social media; ideally, they will be responsible for running a University-affiliated social media account.

The course will cover:

  • using analytics and user personas to understand your audience
  • conducting a competitor analysis
  • setting realistic goals
  • deciding what channels are best for you
  • measuring success.

Creating content for social media (optional)

This course is for those who are responsible for running a University-affiliated social media account and have developed a social media strategy.

The course will cover:

  • how content is displayed differently on different channels
  • what content works best on each channel
  • how to write engaging text
  • how to create and edit photos suitable for social media
  • how to create and edit videos suitable for social media
  • repurposing content on different channels and at different times
  • using third-party apps to schedule content
  • getting influencers to engage with your content.


We are planning to launch the three new social media training courses for the start of Semester 1 (September 2018). In the meantime, we will be providing the current Social media: the basics training on a by-demand basis. If you or anyone in your department requires social media training before September 2018, please ask them to email [email protected].

Digital visa participants who have already completed the Social media: the basics training will still be counted as having completed the compulsory requirement for social media training on the digital visa. However, you may wish to consider undertaking one of the optional courses, depending on your level of confidence with social media.

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