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Maria Drummond
Monday 2 April 2018

We’ve created a survey to find out why people use the current research webpages and what they like and dislike about that experience. Anyone who enters could win a £30 Amazon voucher for taking part!

The survey will help digicomms understand what users’ top tasks are and what they like or dislike about the current site. This survey is aimed at people who interact with or have responsibility for research in higher education. You may be a member of staff at the University of St Andrews or at another university or related institution. This survey is open to both academic and professional staff.

The survey is anonymous and takes five minutes or so to complete.

Take the survey

Why we’re doing this

As part of the external website programme, digicomms has been tasked with creating new research webpages that are more user friendly and which showcase the University’s research environment and impact. Before we redesign the research website completely, we need to get an understanding from users about what their top tasks are and what they want out of the research site. This allows us to ensure that our decisions for content and design are data-driven and meet the needs of the end user.

What we need you to do

Now all we need you to do is to complete the survey. Once you’re finished, why don’t you share it with your colleagues?

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