New ‘Research involving humans’ pages

Jennifer Hamrick
Monday 30 September 2019

Last year, we launched the new research section of the website. Some research-related web pages were left out of the initial launch and left in T4v7 in the “old style”. We intended to work on these pages later and bring them under the new section as smaller follow-up pieces of work.

One of these areas was the University Teaching and Research Ethics Committee (UTREC) pages, which contained information about the committee, the School ethics committees (SEC), and research involving humans.

Screenshot of the old-style UTREC web pages
Old-style UTREC pages


Thanks to a tremendous effort from colleagues in Research and Innovation Services (RIS) and UTREC, these pages have been re-launched under the new research section in T4v8 using the digital pattern library:

The launch of these pages is an important milestone in completing the externally facing research website. They now mobile-responsive, accessible and designed in the “new style”.

Screenshot of the new-style 'Research involving humans' web page
New ‘Research involving humans’ section


The speed at which this work was accomplished was largely down to the care and thought put into the content by RIS colleagues. They communicated clearly with digital communications from the outset, and we worked together to develop an information architecture that was user-friendly. They not only created all the content, but thoroughly checked it multiple times to make sure it met digital best practice, content standards and house style. This led to a quick QA and launch process on our behalf, and we are very grateful for the time and energy put into this piece of work.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the new UTREC, SEC and research involving humans web pages. Do you think they are easier to navigate and understand than the old pages?

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