YouTube – Year in review 2021

Lewis Wake
Tuesday 21 December 2021

Over the last year, the University has posted more video content to the University of St Andrews YouTube channel than ever before. We have relied on it for sharing lectures with those external to the University, for graduation and regular chaplaincy livestreams, and for fun videos to capture University events throughout the year.

Here is a snapshot of the YouTube channel’s year in review.

Total minutes watched by viewers in 2021

1.1 million minutes

Total views of videos on the University YouTube channel in 2021

348,300 total views

Most viewed video of 2021

A student tour of St Andrews – 27,947 views in 2021

Take a tour of St Andrews with some of our student ambassadors.


New channel subscribers

1,226 new subscribers! Hello!

Top countries for channel views

  • United Kingdom 🇬🇧 (59,793 views)
  • United States 🇺🇸 (30,030 views)
  • Ireland 🇮🇪 (20,797 views)
  • India 🇮🇳 (6,345 views)
  • Canada 🇨🇦 (2,752 views)

Livestream totals

Month with the most views


The online symposium, “The Relevance of Theology in the University and Society Today” by Professor Judith Wolfe was watched 35,267 times in April.

Views from devices

44% of all views were from a mobile device, compared to 36.9% from computers and laptops.

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