New front-end developer

Teodora Udrea
Tuesday 20 June 2023

Hello world!

I’m Teodora, and just last week, I hopped on board the Digital Communications team as a front-end web developer. 

As a front-end developer, there’s nothing I enjoy more than building slick, user-friendly websites that seamlessly blend technology and human interaction.

I hail from Romania and earned my degree in Applied Computing from the University of Dundee. Being a tech enthusiast, I naturally dove into the intriguing world filled with code, algorithms, and innovation. Before St Andrews, I was an integration developer at IntegrationWorks, helping to update system architecture during the ISO2022 bank payment transition.

When I’m not knee-deep in code, you can find me hanging out in the great outdoors. Gardening, bird watching, and snapping pics of anything interesting bring a little zen to my day. I’m also a bit of a gamer. I love the escape and the adventures that video games provide. It’s more than a hobby for me, it’s a world full of endless stories.

With my background in applied computing, my experience in integration development, and a dedication to quality, I can’t wait to work with my new teammates. We’re going to do our best to make sure anyone who interacts with the University of St Andrews online has a top-tier experience.

Keep an eye out for the exciting projects and stories coming up, and feel free to reach out via email or LinkedIn.

With peace and love



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