What developers think of Internet Explorer

Gareth Saunders
Friday 10 June 2011

I like this self-deprecating advert from Microsoft about Internet Explorer 9.

Only today I was thinking how refreshing it is that I now don’t have to worry too much about testing webpages in Internet Explorer 9. Everything just works now.

Sure, it doesn’t have the same level of support for HTML5 and CSS3 that Chrome, Firefox and Opera have but it does the basics really well and doesn’t have the same weird quirks that IE7 and IE8 have that require obscure hacks and workarounds.

Besides, at the moment all the major browsers have varying levels of support for these new Web standards-in-the-making. That’s why we’ve got tools like Modernizr.

Let’s hope that Internet Explorer’s support of Web standards grows from strength to strength.

Either that or they see sense and move to using the WebKit rendering engine! 😉

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One reply to "What developers think of Internet Explorer"

  • Mark on IE
    Mark on IE
    Wednesday 5 September 2012, 1.11am

    I have one major problem with IE. There are not enough prompts for users to update. It's frustrating to design something that doesn't get seen. A least IE9 fixes the layout issues that existed in version 7 and 8.


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