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How to film a vlog

A vlog may seem simple to create at first, but there can be a lot of unforeseeable hurdles during production.

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Remote staff training – lessons from Covid-19

When lockdown hit the UK in March 2020, I had to quickly transform the Digital Visa staff training programme to work remotely. Rather than cancel all sessions, I wanted to make sure we continued to offer training for…

Rich media content: the future of University websites

A few weeks ago, myself, Steve and Gareth attended attended IWMW 2016 (the Institutional Web Management Workshop) in Liverpool. The overall theme of the conference this year was ‘Understanding Users; Managing Change;…

How to render and export video content for web

You’ve filmed your video, and you’ve gone to great technical lengths to edit it. Now you need to get your film from the editing suite to the web. Rendering a video for web can be often over-looked and rushed, but there…

Making videos usable

Video usability With video becoming a bigger and bigger part of our digital communications, we need to consider the usability of videos just as seriously as the usability of our webpages. The main points in this…

Short videos

The optimal length for video marketing content? As short as possible This article looks at various different types of video and assesses what is the optimal length for a video. Generally speaking, shorter is better –…

What motivates us?

I find this a really inspiring video. I wonder how this might influence us as a web team.