Leet service desk calls

Gareth Saunders
Thursday 6 March 2014
Our support calls list shows 13 calls assigned to me, 37 to the whole team. That's so 1337 or leet!

This morning I logged into UniDesk, our IT Service Desk incident management system, and noticed that the calls assigned to me next to the calls assigned to the whole web team read: 1337.

That’s so 1337! (Using leetspeak, an alternative alphabet for the English language, it reads: elite.)

We’ve been making a particular effort to drive down our support calls this week. Here’s how many calls we had at 09:00 each morning this week.

  • Monday: 67
  • Tuesday: 58
  • Wednesday: 55
  • Thursday: 37

We’re doing well. In fact, you could say we’re 1337!

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One reply to "Leet service desk calls"

  • Gareth J M Saunders
    Friday 7 March 2014, 12.09am

    Did anyone notice at what time this was posted? You can see the time by hovering over the date above the post. It was totally by accident too. Spooky! :)


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