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Which technology is being used to access the University website?

Understanding which technology is being used to access the University website is very important as we need to ensure an optimum experience for as many users as possible.

14 October 2016Technology

Browser wars 2016

We are presented with a plethora of options when it comes to browsers and devices to access the web with, but which ones do the world at large use? Does this make a difference in how we design and build websites? This can be a rather math heavy topic, with various percentages and such, so…

9 August 2016Design

Don’t break the back button

4 design patterns that violate back-button expectations One of the biggest usability faux-pas we can commit is “breaking” the back button. The back button is by far the most commonly used function of a web browser, and users have certain strong expectations about how it should work. If we violate the user’s expectations, it can…

17 April 2014Design

Why the launch is just the start, who cares about browsers, and usability myths

Throw out your website’s specification Paul Boag argues that creating a website specification up-front is not the correct way of going about a web project: …they are often presented to the development team (either an external agency or in-house web team) as a rigid set of requirements to be delivered. There is rarely a discussion…

30 October 2013Resource archive