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How to submit an idea

One of the updates that the digital communications team has been working on for the last year has been our processes for taking on new projects. Having spent a lot of time developing and documenting our engagement framework (how and when we engage with colleagues and stakeholders across the University), we have recently changed the…

3 April 2015Team

Why is the user important?

As we may have mentioned a few times already, the digital communications team is committed to a user centred approach to our work: whether that be research, design, content or build. We have placed users at the heart of the decisions we make, which is, in some areas, a radical departure from the way that…

25 March 2015Digital transformation

“What’s the value in pixels?” – the ethos of digital change

Two weeks ago, Paul Boag, co-founder of digital consultancy Headscape and author of Digital Adaption gave a lecture to staff at the University. Titled ‘Digital change’, the talk outlined how digital has changed the world around us, and in turn has changed us as well. The lecture was hugely engaging and incorporated a vital message…

5 March 2015Digital transformation

Digital transformation and the startup playbook

This is the first of a series of reflections on this year’s Institutional Web Management Workshop. Read an introductory post. Why we need to transform the way we do digital On day one of IWMW we were treated to an inspiring talk by Paul Boag from the digital agency Headscape. At the University of St Andrews…

30 July 2014IWMW