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What is a GIF file?

If you’ve scrolled through any social media feeds today, it’s likely you’ll have encountered a few GIF files (pronounced JIF…although personally I’m in the hard ‘G’ camp).

14 June 2019Technology

What is a JPEG file?

If you’ve ever moved photographs from a digital camera to a computer before, you’ll have encountered the JPEG (pronounced jay-peg) file format. These files will end with .jpg or .jpeg. What is a JPEG? A JPEG is a standardised lossy compression mechanism for digital images. Digital cameras compress raw photographs as JPEG images to make…

8 April 2019Technology

Choosing image backgrounds for hero banners

Selection criteria for images appropriate for hero banners can be quite complicated. There are plenty of stunning photographs that would work well to welcome positive first impressions of a website, but are they fit for purpose?

11 February 2019Design

Social media image sizes cheat sheet for 2017

Recent studies have found that images used on Twitter double the engagement rate of posts – and this makes a lot of sense. In the world of social media, images stand out in a sea of text. However, image sizes vary across all social media platforms. Here is a quick guide to keep you up-to-date…

27 July 2017Social Media

Canva: the design tool for non-designers

Canva is an online graphic design tool that allows users to create their own designs for a variety of purposes, including: social media posts (such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Tumblr) blog images PowerPoint presentations print material (such as invitations, posters or menus).

29 July 2016Design

Images: Quality over quantity

The modern web is built on strong visual imagery. Sites like Twitter, Netflix, and even LinkedIn, all utilise large images to add to their sites’ appeal, aesthetic, and brand identity. The University of St Andrews’ updated web design uses large imagery for the same purpose. You may be thinking, “Right, I’ve got it. Populate my…

9 May 2016Content

How important are large images?

Image-focused design: Is bigger better? The latest research from Nielsen Norman Group surrounds the use of large images. The rationale for this approach is that compelling images have a unique ability to inspire and engage your audience. In his book, Emotional Design, Don Norman described the powerful, visceral responses people can have to visual appearance.…

6 October 2014Design

The usability of photos and URLs

Usability mistakes to avoid when using photos in your website There is often a temptation to use photos to brighten up a page without giving much thought to whether it helps serve a real purpose, or whether it might even be detrimental to the page. This article contains several useful tips about how to use…

12 June 2013Resource archive