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IT security event

We were pleased to attend the IT Services security event on Thursday 8 November 2018, which hosted a number of interesting speakers from different IT security specialisms. The event provided a deeper awareness of IT security from an insider’s perspective and the essential work that individuals and organisations in this industry do to manage and…

17 December 2018Articles and resources

UniDesk house rules

UniDesk is the system we use to log and progress incidents, more commonly known here as calls. This can be used by University and non-University members alike to submit their problems and then follow their progress. As each team member was using UniDesk slightly differently, it became clear that we needed some rules and guidelines…

29 November 2016Articles and resources Resource archive Support calls Team

Spotify and the cloud

We all love to listen to music, whether that be at work or at home. And for most people, Spotify is their go-to app for music streaming. Today, I would like to share with you a helpful tip so you can get the most out of your subscription. As you may know, listening to your…

18 November 2016Guides

Audit of support calls

Earlier this month my colleague Duncan and I conducted an extensive audit of our support calls from January to July 2015. Over these six months there was exactly 600 support calls, which we split up into three main categories: advice, fix and request. We then went further and sorted each call into a more defined sub-category; such…

14 March 2016Support calls

T4 training

This post will explain the training process that is undertaken when trying to access our most prized possession, TerminalFour (T4) Site Manager. This is the content management system that sits behind our University website. In T4 there are various user levels, from contributor to administrator level. I will only be covering contributor level in this post,…

27 November 2015Team Training

How we manage support calls

All of our help and support requests are handled through a system called UniDesk, which logs information on who spoke to who and distributes email notifications to the relevant people. UniDesk calls these requests ‘support calls’. Our old way of working In the past the whole team would each spend a few hours a day, sometimes more,…

12 March 2015Support calls