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Updated events website

On Thursday 27 September 2018, the digital communications team launched the new events website in our updated style to assure future accessibility for users. This post looks at some of the changes we’ve made.

15 October 2018Projects Public website

News and media centre website

The new website for news and media was launched on 7 June 2018. The new website provides a number of enhancements over the old site. For example: news can be categorised and tagged so it’s easier to find news can be shared on social media users can make comments on news news can be viewed…

21 August 2018Public website

Displaying WordPress content within TerminalFour

The following article is intended to provide a technical overview for an administrator of T4 with access to their community extranet site. One of the current team objectives is to amalgamate a number of research related blogs into one centralised WordPress blog. The University’s research pages within the main website (published by T4) are to…

1 June 2018WordPress

Migrating to WP Engine

On 22 March 2018 we migrated the University WordPress multisite installation from St Andrews to WP Engine. One month on, what has our experience been of WP Engine and what lessons have we learnt from the migration process?

19 April 2018WordPress

Migrating WordPress multisite to WP Engine

The University hosts a multisite WordPress installation ( that provides websites and blogs for over 200 research groups and other University organisations. WordPress enables University staff and students to quickly create a website or blog and configure and administer it without needing specialist programming knowledge. However, looking after WordPress takes time to ensure it is…

20 March 2018WordPress

The digicomms blog: our most compelling content

The digicomms blog – what you’re reading right now – has been active since 2013. Since then, the team has published over 250 articles which have amassed around 14,000 views. Recently I compiled a short report detailing some key stats and the most popular articles. The data below is from June 2014 to May 2016.

20 June 2016Team

WordPress user roles

There are five user roles in WordPress with different levels of access. Depending on the user, you may not want to give them full access to your blog. Read about the different abilities of each user so that you can correctly assign roles to your blog’s users.

17 June 2016Guides

Why we are outsourcing WordPress

One project that we are currently preparing (called DC1004 WordPress multisite) will involve outsourcing our WordPress multisite installation. This post explains why. At the University we use TerminalFour Site Manager and WordPress as our content management systems to publish content. Site Manager is used to manage the core University content for the majority of our visitors,…

29 April 2016DC1003 WordPress multisite Projects

Taming an intranet

How to stop your WordPress intranet becoming an unmanageable mess Our web developer Sam Parsons brought our attention to this article about intranets. Although the article is primarily aimed at WordPress developers, there are lots of useful nuggets that are of wider interest. This is also pertinent as we begin to investigate the creation of…

27 August 2014Articles and resources