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Beginning the migration to T4v8

We are now able to upgrade our website content management system, TerminalFour, to the latest version, T4v8. In a previous post, we explained how we planned to move to T4v8, and now that the plan is in action, here is…

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MoSCoW prioritisation is on effort

This guide shows how the 60/20/20 proportion of must, should and could requirements in Agile MoSCoW prioritisation is against effort not number of requirements.

The log in screen for the St Andrews installation of T4 version 8

How we plan to move to T4v8

One of the key milestones of the external website project is moving to the newest version of our content management system – T4. All of the digital communications team have been looking forward to taking advantage of…

List of 22 retrospective objectives

When retrospective objectives stack up

During team retrospectives, which we hold at the end of each sprint, we have been guilty of agreeing to too many actions to change our processes and working practices. Needless to say, most of these don't get completed…

Google Analytics data for School websites

One of my first tasks for the digital communications team was to find out how School websites are used by external users over the course of one calendar year (2015) using Google Analytics. The data provided an…

We recently moved our retrospectives from a physical board using Post Its to Trello

Using Trello for team retrospectives

Retrospectives are an important tool for Agile teams like ours. They allow the team to reflect frequently (usually at the end of an iteration) on work habits and processes, and agree how to improve them. We hold…