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Jakob’s Law

Jakob’s Law is a principle of user experience design. It states that: Users spend most of their time on other sites

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Bad UX design fails

The internet is a wonderful place. It is a modern library of all knowledge, the epicentre of human creativity, and the source of horrible user interface patterns that create an infinite amount of frustration.

Flaws in UX design standards: Gesture based navigation

When Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007, multi-touch technology got mainstream attention and users learned that they could not only point and tap on the interface but also zoom, pinch and swipe it. Gestures became…

Flaws in UX design standards: Tutorial overlays

Onboarding is a new territory within UX design that is essentially how efficient it is for a new user to board your product or service. It’s about allowing the user to make an easy entrance. Recently, users are likely…