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Social media to drive engagement: a case study

These days it is expected that every major (and minor) institution and organisation should have a social media presence. Social media is a great means to share information and reach new audiences. However, all too often it is used by organisations simply because it is expected, without any higher purpose. Facebook, Twitter et al. are…

19 October 2015Social Media

Facebook’s dominance is greater than we thought

So-called “dark social” traffic turns out to be mostly Facebook Dark social is traffic that is difficult to account for because analytics tools do not report where it comes from. Initially the leading hypothesis was that this traffic was coming from email. However, recent data suggests that the majority of dark social traffic is in fact…

19 December 2014Social Media

Turning a social media crisis into a win-win

Six things we can learn from the Greggs social media ‘crisis’ Last week Greggs and Google faced an embarrassing situation when Google’s algorithm displayed a spoof Greggs logo in its search engine results pages. The fake logo was impolite about the products that Greggs sells, and the customers that buy it. This caused hilarity on…

5 September 2014Social Media

How to get your Facebook content seen

5 data-driven ways to get your Facebook post seen by your audience Here are some interesting findings on how to drive engagement on Facebook. I am not sure if these are all desirable, particularly the statistic about engagement peaking on posts containing seven hashtags. But these are interesting findings nonetheless.

29 August 2014Social Media

Stop adding hay to the haystack

Facebook and fewer stories behind rise in web traffic, says Telegraph chief The Telegraph has recently seen an upswing in digital traffic. This is attributed to focusing more attention on how they use Facebook, and publishing less content in general, and using data to “decide what to stop doing”. Users normally come to a website…

28 August 2014Social Media

Positive content gets better traction on social media

In Google newsroom, Brazil defeat is not a headline During the World Cup, Google produced a lot of content for the web and social media, sharing trends of Google searches from each participating country as the tournament progressed. Interestingly, Google avoided mentioning any negative trends that emerged during the World Cup, even opting not to…

22 August 2014Social Media

A clever use of social media

Ikea built a website inside Instagram Here is a very creative use of social media from Ikea’s Russian division. Strangely, this article does not mention if there were any pieces conspicuously left over after it was built.

1 August 2014Social Media

Short videos

The optimal length for video marketing content? As short as possible This article looks at various different types of video and assesses what is the optimal length for a video. Generally speaking, shorter is better – but some types of online videos can get away with being almost three minutes long. Doesn’t matter how awesome…

30 May 2014Social Media

Social media and Tumblr

Teens, social media, and privacy This is quite lengthy, but may be of interest to those with an interest in social media and how young people behave online. Universities turn to Tumblr to reach prospective students The social networking and blogging platform Tumblr is quite popular among young users, and this week Yahoo bought it…

23 May 2013Social Media