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Heatmap showing scroll depth of a web page

How we are using Hotjar to improve our web pages

We have been actively using Hotjar for the past six months to record heatmap data and discover new insights into how our web pages are being used. This article explains how we are currently using the tool, what updates…

'Cookie consent' text over actual food cookies

How we are treating cookie consent

Last year we implemented a mechanism for users to manage their cookie consent preferences on University websites that use the T4v7 and T4v8 content management systems. This mechanism uses the popular CIVIC Cookie…

Updated events website

On Thursday 27 September 2018, the digital communications team launched the new events website in our updated style to assure future accessibility for users. This post looks at some of the changes we’ve made.

New team member

Hi there, my name is David and I am the newest addition to the digital communications team. I started on 6 March in the role of web developer, and I will be working on delivering web projects for the University as well…