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Why we moved from Siteimprove to Sitemorse

Last year I wrote a blog post about how we were using Siteimprove to help find and fix broken links and spelling mistakes on our website. But a few months ago we decided to move to another company to provide this service, a company called Sitemorse. How they work Siteimprove and Sitemorse both provide a range…

10 March 2017Articles and resources

Fixing broken links using Siteimprove

We’ve all encountered the frustration of clicking on a link and instead of the expected content, ‘404 not found’ appears. Broken links are an unavoidable part of today’s internet as websites change their infrastructure and old pages get replaced. This is where Siteimprove comes in. Siteimprove provides a number of online tools that help you…

21 December 2015Support calls