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Gareth is the web architect within the University of St Andrews digital communications team. A graduate of St Andrews (BD Hons, 1993), Gareth joined the web team in 2006 and worked mainly on information architecture and front-end development (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript). He currently spends most of his time doing DSDM agile project management and business analysis.

Gareth Saunders
List of 22 retrospective objectives

When retrospective objectives stack up

During team retrospectives, which we hold at the end of each sprint, we have been guilty of agreeing to too many actions to change our processes and working practices. Needless to say, most of these don't get completed…

We recently moved our retrospectives from a physical board using Post Its to Trello

Using Trello for team retrospectives

Retrospectives are an important tool for Agile teams like ours. They allow the team to reflect frequently (usually at the end of an iteration) on work habits and processes, and agree how to improve them. We hold…

The last three sprints

Our main focus for the last three sprints

Sprint #18 (David Millar) took place between Monday 28 March to Friday 8 April 2016 (weeks 8 and 9), inclusive. Sprint #19 (Mikel Nieve) took place between Monday 11 and Friday 22 April 2016 (weeks 10 and 11),…

Scottish Web Folk

On Friday 18 March, Carley and I travelled to the University of Edinburgh for the quarterly gathering of the Scottish Web Folk. The Scottish Web Folk is a bit like a ceilidh. But there’s no music, and everyone there is…

How we name our sprints

Should you name your Agile sprints, and if so how? I argue that while sprints are transient, it can be fun and provide a useful way to help keep track of sprints between project boards.