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Gateway pages for PDFs

The Nielsen Norman Group (NNG) recently published a compelling article on why PDFs should be avoided at all costs on the web: Avoid PDF for On-Screen Reading.

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How to make PDFs accessible

PDF files published on the University of St Andrews website must meet accessibility standards. This is so the website, and all the content within it can be used by as many people as possible. Considering that there are…

Reduce the file size of PDF documents

A few months ago, while quality checking our new prototype website I discovered a page that was linking to three PDF files. The problem was: they were enormous. The largest document was over 63 MB; that’s about…

Accessibility for documents

Creating accessible PDFs We are trying to move towards a standardised way of presenting PDFs. While most (if not all) web content and forms would ideally be published as HTML, sometimes we have to use Microsoft Word or…