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Winter Graduation 2018 live stream data

On Thursday 6 and Friday 7 December 2018, four graduation ceremonies were streamed live on the University website. These streams were accessible via YouTube and were embedded on one page of the University website. We also setup an alternative webpage embedding a stream feed with lower bandwidth primarily for users who have no access to…

8 January 2019Data

Our research survey says…

In order to inform the design of the new University of St Andrews research section, the digital communications team wanted to establish what the top tasks were for users of the current research website. We did this by using a survey, the results of which can be found below.

9 August 2018External website redevelopments

Take our survey!

We’ve created a survey to find out why people use the current research webpages and what they like and dislike about that experience. Anyone who enters could win a £30 Amazon voucher for taking part! The survey will help digicomms understand what users’ top tasks are and what they like or dislike about the current site.…

2 April 2018External website redevelopments

What is Google Data Studio?

Over the next few weeks I will be updating my existing training session: Google Analytics: creating a dashboard. Recently, Google updated Google Analytics and this update saw the removal of the humble ‘add to dashboard’ button. This subtle change meant that the majority of the training needed to be re-written. Google has released Google Data…

2 August 2017Guides

Testing your website with Google Optimize

A few weeks ago an email from Google popped into my inbox, imploring me to accept an invite to try out Google Optimize. Sadly, as of this writing, Optimize has not yet been released, so I can’t provide a hands-on walkthrough of Google’s latest data powerhouse. However, I can offer a brief overview of what…

19 December 2016Guides

Using Google Analytics to define key markets

Recently,  Admissions got in touch asking for some data on international markets and how they use the study section of the site. Having access to this data will be useful going forward as it will allow Admissions to analyse and track individual countries and easily compare them with others. This post looks at what the…

16 December 2016Articles and resources

How to measure website data using a dashboard in Google Analytics

Last week digicomms received a support call asking what was the best way to measure website data. Instead of just providing them with access to Google Analytics and letting them get on with it, we created a dashboard which allowed the user to quickly access the information that mattered to them. This setup also meant that,…

4 October 2016Guides

What’s the difference between bounce rate and exit rate in Google Analytics?

There are two metrics in Google Analytics that can cause some confusion: bounce rate and exit rate. Both are concerned with the action of a user leaving a site, so why are they two different things? This post outlines the differences of these metrics and highlights which one is the one for you.

2 September 2016Guides

Graduation 2016: what the data tells us

Graduation 2016 marked the second year of the new version of the graduation webpages. Last September, Carley Hollis wrote about the impact of the newly designed webpages compared with the ‘old’ design in 2014. Now, after another year with the new pages, we thought we’d look at how they’ve faired and how external user behaviour has changed…

1 July 2016Digital transformation

The digicomms blog: our most compelling content

The digicomms blog – what you’re reading right now – has been active since 2013. Since then, the team has published over 250 articles which have amassed around 14,000 views. Recently I compiled a short report detailing some key stats and the most popular articles. The data below is from June 2014 to May 2016.

20 June 2016Team