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PHP 8.0 – what’s new

PHP is used on the University website to provide dynamic web content, sometimes to bring content from an external database or from an external feed such as news or events. Each release of PHP is fully supported for two…

A look at AVIF

AVIF is a modern, but relatively unknown, image format and its presence is attracting a lot of attention in the web development and design world. But what is AVIF? How does it compare to other image formats, and what…

Prototype of potential MySaint redesign

Progressive web applications

What exactly is a progressive web app (PWA)? Google defines a PWA as being: “built and enhanced with modern APIs to deliver enhanced capabilities, reliability, and installability while reaching anyone, anywhere, on any…

Coffee cup with the word begin

What does a Careers Centre website need?

The Digital Communications team started a redesign of the Careers Centre website in January 2021. The first phase of this project aimed to find out what users needed from the Careers Centre. To this end, we carried out…

mug on a white background

What is a minimum viable product?

We recently read a great article from Paul Boag on this topic, which inspired this post: Minimum viable product (MVP). What is it and why should you care?.

User holding a tablet

How Web 3.0 will impact higher education

The birth of the internet is considered to be 1 January 1983  – since its inception, the internet has rapidly evolved and spread across the world to impact all aspects of our lives. How will its current development…

Navigation grid

The information scent of links

When looking at links on a web page, how do you decide which one will take you closer to your goal? You’ll choose the one with the highest information scent – the link with relevant terms and context that you think…

Using QR codes in 2021

Of all the things that made a comeback in the last year, I did not expect QR codes to become so relevant again.


Searching the module catalogue with Funnelback

We have recently revamped the University’s module catalogue to take advantage of a number of Funnelback features, delivering a more sophisticated search algorithm and returning higher quality results. In this blog…