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The information scent of links

When looking at links on a web page, how do you decide which one will take you closer to your goal? You’ll choose the one with the highest information scent – the link with relevant terms and context that you think…

Using QR codes in 2021

Of all the things that made a comeback in the last year, I did not expect QR codes to become so relevant again.


Searching the module catalogue with Funnelback

We have recently revamped the University’s module catalogue to take advantage of a number of Funnelback features, delivering a more sophisticated search algorithm and returning higher quality results. In this blog…

Example cue asking if user is interested in a course

Using to inform decision making

We have been using software called from a company called Twenty Thousand Leagues, since April this year. When students view a course page, the software prompts students with a question ‘are you interested in…

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Site performance and its impact on user experience

“Developers have a greater impact on user experience than designers do”, Paul Boag claims in his Why performance is the best way to improve the user experience article, and that “non-visual elements on a webpage can…

How the University manages existing content

I recently read Paul Boag’s blog post on ‘Content Management: How to effectively overcome legacy content’. In this article, Paul focuses on the negative consequences of poor content management and how to find solutions…